Healthcare Innovation

Q - What happens when computer make a mistake in the decisions we're handing over to them? (usually in the context of algorithms, ML, AI, etc.)


A1 - Errors occur everywhere in healthcare, with and without computers. In certain areas, the errors increase when adding computerized automation or analysis, but in the vast majority, errors will decrease. In the U.S. a low estimate is 200,000 preventable medical deaths occur each year due to purely human care. There's a good chance that computers that never get tired and are always watching can do better in the preventable errors space. Crossing the Chasm

A2 - Even if the computers are only as good as the best doctors in the world, the majority of humans do not live near or cannot afford the best doctors in the world, thus the technology will be the miracle they are looking for. We cannot be blinded to the fact that the majority of the world is still facing an endemic shortage of basic healthcare. The exact type that new technologies are best suited to solve.

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