Principles my mentors have taught me:

Know your strengths and weaknesses in these four key areas: Intelligence, Creativity, Drive for Action, Ability to Own.


Don't judge a leader by the number of followers they have, judge them by the number of leaders they helped build.


Don't build faster horses.


Look for disruptive ideas, and know that they (most likely) will sound bad at first. This means you might sound foolish at first, and you'll have to be okay with that. If it were an obviously good solution, it would have already been solved.


Build products customers love, solve their problems, not your own.


Iterate, keep trying, wish luck on your side (remove the ego that you're a visionary) and don't give up.


Clarity of thought is a pre-requisite to clarity of vision.


Avoid using the words 'never' and 'always' will lead to less arguments.


Don't tell people how great you are, show them.


Great leaders face the blame, disperse credit, and don't expect anything back for good their deeds. It sucks, get over it.


It's not just about who is on the team, but how the team acts because of their teammates.


The leaders we think of as heroes still wake up, put on pants one leg at a time, and figure out what today will look like. You can do it too.


Understand the problem before ever going after the solution.

Time is finite. Actions are valuable. When you get the choice, work with smart people on hard problems.