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If you charge the customer for 'customer support' they're paying to talk to you when your product fails...


The Problem: All tactics are good until tested. So everyone has an opinion on what to do next to increase sales through marketing.

Keep in mind: A great product will market itself, but when the honeymoon runs out and the competition escalates resulting in deceleration of growth, you need to market.

Types of Marketing

  • Branding

  • Lead Generation

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Content

  • Messaging

  • Sales support

  • Events

Marketing Strategies

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you know who your customer is

  • How would your customer describe what you do

  • What's your customer's opinion of your company (NPS as a surrogate)

  • What market are you in? (competitive alternatives)


  • You saying it doesn't matter. Customers are lied to so often that they just won't trust you. you need to have a customer say it on your behalf.

  • For startups, the customer usually doesn't realize they have that problem. So your competition is doing nothing. No spend, no training, no extra work. It's tough competition.

  • Know if your product requires you to educate the customer vs show why you're better. You can't get to evaluation if they never agree about the problem the product is solving

Product management

What is it? You own the 'what' and the 'why' of the product

AKA: The mini CEO

The Problem

Keep in mind:

Do's and Dont's:

  • Listen to your customer

  • Ask you customer what to do

  • Focus on the customer problem

  • Don't Focus on your company's problem

  • Speed is a top priority

  • Speed shouldn't put you in jail or get you a lawsuit (some risk aversion is good)

  • It's about iteration, move fast and break things is okay at the beginning

  • Don't be a visionary (unless you're Elon, Steve, or Walt) just work through the options

  • Be a child again, listen to the wild ideas that couldn't possibly work

  • Don't put your full faith in the experts, 

  • Release early and release often with customer feedback

    • As Reid Hoffman says it "if you're not embarrassed by your product, you released late"​

  • Don't release so early that your product doesn't have a "quantum of utility" (as per Paul Graham)

  • Understand your competition

    • (when they ship, that's a user test for you... learn from their release)​

  • Don't obsess over your competition

  • Find out how you'll monetize

  • Treat your customer as an ATM

  • Say no... your backlog is long enough, no need for more bad ideas

  • Don't say no without listening first, let everyone feel like they have a voice. Don't say know because you don't like the person

Questions to ask yourself

  • Will my customers pay for this? What should be free and what should be paid without a feeling of nickel and diming

    • Don't charge the customer for customer support unless​ they're an enterprise.

    • If you charge the customer for 'customer support' they're paying to talk to you when your product fails...


  • Avoid solving your problems by concentrating on the customer's problems

  • If you focus on the problem you're less likely to make the idea your 'baby' and thus feedback will be easier to hear


  • VP / Chief Product Officer / Founder 

  • Director / Head of Product

  • Senior Product Manager

  • Junior Product Manager


What is it? You own the 'how' of the product

The Problem

Keep in mind:

Do's and Dont's:

  • a

Questions to ask yourself

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