Since 2012, it has been my privilege to develop a one-of-a-kind innovation program with the faculty, staff, and students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

I get asked this a lot: Why did I choose to spend so much of my time doing this? Pitt Pharmacy is incredibly clinical and yet manages to include an incredible business curriculum. Larry Merlo, CEO of CVS Health, is for an instance a Pitt Alum. Gordon Vanscoy and Jan Pringle, and Bridget Regan have built a program that builds a strong business foundation. However, what I saw missing was the understanding of what a startup really is, and how to do something disruptive. I believe that a seasoned professional is set up for execution risk, but a novice is best suited for managing market risk. Being that the Pharmacy market is at risk of being disrupted, I believed that there is no other candidate best suited for disrupting it than a Pharmacy student. Thus I chose to spend my time helping top talent Pharmacy students build the tools to disrupt Pharmacy. The programs below are my attempt at making this happen.

Courses and programs include:

Design Thinking in HealthCare


Reinventing the Incumbent: Designing an Intrapreneurship Strategy


Side Project: Building Minimal Viable Products

Understanding the Healthcare Innovation Landscape

Pittsburgh's first Annual Healthcare Hackathon

Time is finite. Actions are valuable. When you get the choice, work with smart people on hard problems.