What is it?

The world's simplest team collaboration tool.



What problem does it solve?

There are too many team collaboration tools available at our disposal. Most companies will use email, skype, yammer, slack, etc. etc. This leaves teams in the dark when it comes to core updates about the most important goals of the team and the progress they're making. 

What is it?

Go into any restaurant, and order like a pro.

What problem does it solve?

Most restaurant goers don't know what they'll like at a particular restaurant. They want to ask the employee, but feel like they're taking up time from other customers. There's no easy way to order like a pro.

What GoalTrek did:

GoalTrek makes sure that you keep those close to you in mind before anything less valuable steals your time. Assumption: humans can only have a few close relationships (<150 as per Dunbar's Number).

Problem it solved:

With every new gadget, software, company, and media attracting our attention, we have the problem of forgetting the people that are closest to us: our loved ones, family, best friends, mentors, and colleagues. This leads to weak relationships, networks, and life experiences.

GoalTrek reminds you to connect with the people closest to you in life both randomly and on the days that mattered to them most (birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc.)


We worked on it for too many months before showing it to someone other than us (big mistake). We were not able to retain users after activation. We iterated for a total of nine months with no change in retention. We loved the problem statement, but needed to move onto another problem when the idea of LunchWow came along.


Time Is Valuable, Let Us Help

What is it?

tivluh was our attempt at building a one-stop shop for all your car management needs. never have to remember when your registration runs out, next oil change is due, or when the next recall is in. Your time is valuable, let us help "tivluh".



What problem does it solve?

Forgetfulness around car ownership and having to stress about managing all the aspects of owning a car.

Time is finite. Actions are valuable. When you get the choice, work with smart people on hard problems.